Thursday, February 21, 2013

Newspaper Article

Took us long enough to post this. But a lot has been going on in each of our lives. We're really busy people! Here's the article from the newspaper. It was so cool to see ourselves on the "Second Front Page' of the paper! We almost made it to the first page. How cool is that?! But here's the link so you can take a look at it yourself!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Theme Song

Okay so after lots of deliberation between the two of us for like what seemed FOREVER.........this is the song we chose. This song is a theme to not just our lives but also our bucket list. It describes how each of us is trying to grow up and have our own wings, and this bucket list is about trying new things and along the way finding out who we are and who we want to be. 

Sleeping In Someone's Driveway

(we are the two with the camo blanket and the lime green one)

Yes you are seeing this post right, we actually did sleep in someone's driveway! We did this with some of the kids from our youth group last week at VBS. Let me just say that it wasn't that uncomfortable as it may seem to those of you looking at this :p We had so much fun and slept there for two night after being in a tent the two nights prior. I almost forgot what it was like to sleep in an actual bed by the end of the week. We definatley advise doing this at your own home, because we will for sure be doing this again very soon!

Summer Playlist 2012

So we finally completed our summer playlist which contains a total of 56 songs, on three cd's. Yes i know alot of music to listen to, but when you are two high school girls and listen to tons of different kinds of music everyday its hard to pick just your normal twelve songs to a cd :p If y'all would like to know specifically what songs we have just email or comment and ask! We are more than happy to share some of our favorites :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

And so we have lift-off!

Today we completed 3 things on our list.

First off, we created our blog. Which is what I am on as I type! So now anyone who wants to keep up with us doing our stupid, crazy, and fun things on our list you can. We have it all set up where you can follow us on our twitter account, and keep up with all our insanely crazy post we will post. So make sure you check up on us as much as you can! And anything that is highlighted is the stuff that we completed. If you guys wanna ask us any questions about why we're doing the list, about the stuff on the list, or anything just email us at or we'll be trying to keep up with both! And hopefully we'll get some pictures and videos up of most of the items on the list. So we hope you guys enjoy reading,watching, and following us on our crazy adventure!

Article in the newspaper? Yes, that's correct we will be in the local newspaper about our crazy bucket list that we have came up with! We went in for our interview earlier today, and we'll admit it was a little awkward. But we weren't really expecting this list to go to a reporter. The interview went pretty great, we will have a picture in the paper. So that's pretty cool that two teenage girls are gonna be in the paper. I mean who knows where this might lead us? We could end up being a trend starter, having a ton of people following us, or it could just be us being our normal crazy selves! I guess we'll find out! But we will be sure to post at least the link or a picture of the article when it comes out! Were not exactly sure when that will be though. So when we get it we'll post all about it!

Alright, we are finally at the last thing we accomplished today. I feel like I've been going on about everything for forever! But anyway, we managed to complete our finger painting on a canvas today! And honestly, that was a lot of fun. I mean think about it, sitting outside on the concrete with different paints, canvas', and your best friend just doing some art with your fingers. We both didn't do anything hard, we just went with a simple  abstract art! When you finger paint the paint goes everywhere of course! But it also makes you feel like a little kid again, and thats what makes it more fun! Here's a picture of what we created with our finger painting! And I hope you guys enjoyed reading about our first post, and our first things that were accomplished.

The Bucket List

Today we are officially starting our Bucket List!  We're meeting with a Salisbury Post writer that might do a story about us.  How crazy is that?  Lindsey and I hope you'll join us on our insane, maybe slightly crazy journey as we try to get this list done.  

So what's on the list?  Click on the tab at the top of the page to see the whole list.  We will be making changes as we go, like: crossing things off as we do them, adding things, droppings things and stuff like that.   We have things from community service to crazy things.  For example, helping out at a children's hospital and making flowers for the elderly.

Some of the crazy things we have planned are jump off a waterfall and enter pie eating contest.  Lindsey will win that hands down!  We also have places we want to visit like Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon.

Do you think we'll get it all done?  Who knows, but we're sure to have fun trying, so join us!